Losing Fat the Easy Way

I used to feel awkward around my friends because I was the only one who was overweight. Granted, it was not like I was obese or anything, but I definitely wore a couple of sizes up from them. I have always been active as an adult, but my job is very sedentary, which is where the problem was. It did not matter if I was active for 30 minutes after work if I was sitting all day long for the most part. I decided to look into weight loss in Singapore because I really was tired of feeling so unhealthy when around others.

I looked at a local clinic that helps people who have weight issues. As soon as I saw pictures of people who needed to lose weight, I knew that I had come to the right place. Continue reading


Found a Short Term Job

I just got started at my new job, although it is hardly what I was looking for. Obviously I have to pay bills, especially the part where the landlord comes and asks for the rent. I could not afford to wait around for the perfect position to become available. I am working as a sort of handyman in this office. They are having me move around helping out where they need someone, today the job involved coming up with something called a paystub generator. Of course we do not use real checks, that is pretty much a waste of time and paper. Continue reading


Make Something Hearty for the Party – Healthier Meatballs! Great for Office or Family Party Events!

When thinking of great food to contribute to the office potluck, or even your own sponsored holiday dinner table; thoughts of hearty dishes come to mind. With the change of season comes many reasons to add heavier, home-cooked dishes for potluck meals or anytime is the right time for meatballs!

There are many different variations of ingredients to add to your favorite ground meat, ground turkey, or ground lamb meatballs, though I wish to share some not-so-traditional tips. Adding healthy vegetables added in lieu of breadcrumbs, eggs, cheese or ketchup. Not that there’s anything wrong with those ingredients, I just want to share some healthy alternatives for YOU to try- COME ON, At least once, please…

Meatballs tend to get tough, dry or if not spiced and seasoned enough can oftentimes be bland tasting. One of the main reasons why meatballs get tough is that they have been handled too much in the process of adding blended herbs and spices. Ground meat of any sort is delicate and if you intend to handle and manipulate the shape a lot, then I suggest you pay attention to my suggestion for tender, great tasting, hearty, healthy meatball additives.

Of course, season according to your taste- Here is a recipe suggestion adding herbs and spices. If you ask me what I add, I can gladly share my ingredients additives with you!

For one and a half pounds of ground meat I add:

3 minced garlic cubes

1 full sliced and chopped red onion

1 handful of chopped cilantro and the same amount of parsley( curly parsley always works best)

1 med carrot, peeled, minced with a cheese grater

2 celery stalks, sliced, chopped and finely cut- Note: I include the celery leaves too, for added flavor and magnesium


2 teaspoons each:salt, fresh ground cumin, paprika

~and 1 teaspoon fresh ground multi-colored pepper or black pepper

For cooking,** I cook in my toaster over first, to get rid of excess animal fat. NOTE: For cooking meatballs you want to buy meat that is 70% lean, otherwise your meatballs may become too dry and you will end up adding butter for flavor.

*When meat is almost cooked, still pink inside, remove meatballs from the pan in your toaster oven, actually separating your meatballs from the animal fat that cooked it, blot the excess grease with a paper towel. Now you are ready to transfer your meatballs to a crock pot or an electric stock pan and add to the tomato sauce recipe, per below.

For the crock pot or stock pan~ sauce:

**Use 3 garlic cubes and mince them with a cheese grater.

Fry the garlic with a small amount of good-quality olive oil. Lightly fry, do not let the garlic cook to any more than a few minutes- make sure that your heat source is not too high. Cook enough to where you can smell the aroma of garlic, then add your fresh minced tomatoes, per below and finish by adding condiments to taste.

**Use 3 fresh, whole tomatoes, cut in half, now with a cheese grater rub the tomatoes against the grater to make a juicy tomato puree. Do not include the skin. Season with salt and pepper and cumin to taste. Add chopped cilantro, parsley and any other herb that you select that will come together nicely when allowed to slow cook in a hot sauce and tasty, well seasoned ground meat!

Allow all ingredients to slow sinner for 25 minutes and enjoy your hearty meatballs.

~NOTE: the carrots and celery will naturally tenderize the meat and is a really neat way to replace eggs, cheese, breadcrumbs or ketchup. You’ll find that the taste is great and actually consume your meal with less animal fat and less guilt.


10 Timely Tips for the Holiday Kitchen

nvite these savvy secrets into your kitchen this season as you host festive dinners for your own household or for a house-full of guests. Here you’ll find some helpful guidelines for prep, service and preservation.

* Who likes to chop garlic? Nobody! If you press the clove it can add in bitter oils and if you chop it the pieces stubbornly stick to the knife blade and all your fingers. Do this instead. Start pressing a fork all along the perimeter of the clove, working gradually toward the middle. What’s so nice about this technique is how you can control the result, stopping when you have a coarse chop, or continuing for a fine texture, or adding a little salt to work it into a paste.

* And what about ginger? Here the challenge is navigating around the bumps and trying not to remove too much of the good stuff. In this case, go back to your silverware drawer but this time pull out a regular ol’ teaspoon. Use the tip to scrape off the peel, gliding smoothly over the terrain, and you’ll find it’s pretty much just thin strips of the peel that you easily remove.

* What would the holidays be without mashed potatoes? But if yours tend to turn out a bit watery it’s because of… water. Here’s what you do. After you’ve drained the pot, return it to the stove over low heat and shake the pan and stir the potatoes until they’re quite dry, of course staying with them to make sure they don’t burn. Next add into the pan whatever you like, milk, cream, butter, cheese, garlic, seasonings, then heat and mash.

* Serving salad? It’s so handy to pre-dress it, so you don’t have to set out an array of dressings and your guests don’t have to juggle the containers. But, once you add the dressing, especially a creamy one, all those pretty vegetables are coated up and dulled out. Here’s what you can do. Set aside a little bit of each ingredient, then mix the bulk of the salad with your dressing (I get rave reviews for a simple mix of Ranch & Italian). Then top the dressed salad with the reserved veggies. All pretty.

* Making cornbread? Prepping it from scratch is so awesome, but a lot of us find the store-bought mix to be just fine and of course quite the time saver. But here’s an easy way to upgrade it pretty much to restaurant quality. Prepare the mix according to the package directions – then fold in a 6 oz container of vanilla yogurt. Good! You might have to bake it a little longer than usual – just test it as always with a metal skewer or toothpick.

* Baking… anything? It seems no matter how careful you are, some measure of flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cornstarch, tends to shower onto the counter. And also need something or other to rest the spoon, whisk, et al, upon between uses. Good ‘ol Press n Seal to the rescue. Spread out several lengths of it, sticky side down, and place your ingredients, bowl, and utensils on it. Afterwards just wrap up the “mess” and toss it. Voila! Clean counters.

* Pie on your menu? You may wonder if your filling came out all right, particularly a refrigerated one. Did it gel, does it taste OK, if more than one layer did they stay separate? Here’s how you can have a preview. In addition to what goes in the pie shell, put a bit of the filling in a small ramekin and refrigerate it along with the filled pie. Then well before you plan to serve the pie, test the sample. Came out OK? Yay! Didn’t? There’s always the grocery store.

* Sticky stuff? Whether for baking or cooking, you’ll often have occasion to measure out something that would like to cling to the cup – honey, agave, syrup, peanut butter, ice cream topping, e.g. Before you pour any such thing into you measuring cup first lightly treat the cup with non-stick spray, then add the sticky stuff. And out it comes.

* Did you make stock from your turkey or ham bones? Freeze any leftovers in an ice cube tray then pop them out into a freezer bag and keep them frozen for future use. If you want to know how much is in each portion, thaw an ice cube from the same size tray and measure the liquid.

* Stressed? With all the work that goes into all the dishes for the main course, wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick and easy way to serve impressive appetizers or desserts or both? Eureka! Break out the skewers. For a first course spear cubes of cheese, sausage, and French bread along with some big fat grapes. For dessert, think cubes of a variety of small cakes and brownies, marshmallows, chocolate candies, and then finish off the top with, in this case, a big fat strawberry. Btw, that appetizer one minus the sausage could alternatively serve as cheese course dessert.

Holiday cooking can be a lot more fun when you know how to take some clever shortcuts – with your guests none the wiser. It will be our little secret.